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10. Take Notice To All Peoples on miskanahkministik
Open letter By Kevin Annett to P.M. Paul Martin, 50,000 missing residential school children.
5. Letter And Petition To Queen's Privy Council For Canada May 13, 2004
5a. Take Notice to the Queen's Privy Council For Canada/ their REFUSAL TO UPHOLD HER MAJESTY'S LAW
5b. Letter to Governor General /Refusal/Queen's Privy Council for Canada/to uphold Her Majesty's Law
6. Letter/Gov.Dept./OF CANADA/PRIVY OFFICE, Indians remain bound under enfranchisement scheme
7. Petition Of Right - Federal Court June 9, 2004
7a. Response/Refusal June 11, 2004 ADMIRALTY COURT OF CANADA/Her Majesty's Law Abolished
7b. Federal Court Act 1970/Admiralty Court/enforcement of current regulations only
8. Letter/Her Majesty/Refusal/by Her Officers/Canada/to uphold Her Majesty's Law/Treason/June16,2004
9. Statement Of Claim
9a. Strategies For Statement Of Claim
9b. Correspondence of kisikawpimootewin and Attorney General re: Statement of Claim
10. Take Notice To All Peoples on miskanahkministik
11. Petition to United Nations Human Rights Commitee, Special Rapporteur
11a. Petition to United Nations Human Rights Committee, Petition Team
11b. Petition sent to the Countries of the World
11c. Take Notice to the People(s) for the World
12. Notice Of Constitutional Questions, October 15, 2004
12a. Notice Of Constitutional Questions, October 15, 2004
The Great Law
The Great Law (compilation of six translations), pgs. 1-5 of 27 pgs.
Great Law pgs. 6 - 11
Great Law pgs. 12 - 17
Great Law pgs. 18 - 22
Great Law pgs. 23 - 27


I the sentient human being kisikawpimootewin on this, the 10th day of September 2004, serve notice; this is common knowledge of the Peoples on miskanahkministik that:


1. Her Majesty’s Officer(s) are privately contracted as bylaw enforcement Officer(s), (Police) and are exempt and not held accountable in their Courts for intentionally, maliciously molesting and injuring the Peoples, no matter how many Peoples appear and testify, or how damning the evidence, their appointed COMMISIONER (S) (Justice(s) always declare the Peoples were resisting arrest, and the shooting, beating, and or taser gun use by the Police was justified.


2. All inquiries into conduct of Police is done by internal review boards, or purported public inquiry controlled by said Police, and no matter how questionable the circumstances, always declare the Police conduct is faultless, justified, just doing their job, reasonable force, etc. and the Peoples involved were guilty, in the wrong, alleged to have ..., etc., or the incarcerated person was killed while trying to escape, beaten to death by unknown Peoples, hung themselves, or mysteriously (invisibility?) slip passed guards, locked doors and committed suicide by falling down stairwells or elevator shafts.


3.  We will shortly be requesting the United Nations to re-secure us under their protection, but until then, it’s our firm belief that we are in grave danger of falling victim to the above-mentioned actions.


Please take note:


If you hear that any or all of us was shot, beaten and or taserred to death resisting arrest, or were incarcerated and committed suicide, it isn’t true. If this happens, we hope other Peoples will continue our path and journey, and use our information to complete the Creator’s work, and free the Indigenous Peoples and other Peoples on miskanahkministik, (turtle island) for the benefit of the next seven generations.