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Routing Used To Enslave The Sovereign Indigenous Peoples

2b. 1867,1875 - An Act to remove certain doubts of powers of Parliament of Canada

1. Royal Proclamation, October 7, 1763
1a. An Act for the Protection of the Indians in Upper Canada from imposition.1850
1b. An Act for the Better Protection of the lands and property of the Indians in Lower Canada.1850
2. 1857 - GRADUAL CIVILIZATION OF THE INDIAN TRIBES - Enfranchisement Scheme
2a. 1859 - CERTAIN INDIANS OF CANADA, "no longer be deemed an Indian", Enfranchisement Scheme
2b. 1867,1875 - An Act to remove certain doubts of powers of Parliament of Canada
2c. 1886 - Person Means Any Individual Other Than an Indian - Enfranchisement Scheme
2d. 1886 - ALL SENTIENT HUMAN BEINGS OF A DISTINCT GROUP - Enfranchisement Scheme
3. Chamber of the Senate, Her Majesty orders enfranchisement repealed, its provisions removed,1985
Questions And Answers

Take note: the previous Act(s) of enfranchisement (2. and 2a.), 2c. and 2d. to follow were made by the titled CANADA in treason, with no authorities of Her Majesty’s Law.

The titled CANADA has no authority to make LAW.


2b.    38-39 Victoria, c.38 (UK) An Act to remove certain doubts with respect to the powers of Parliament of The Dominion of Canada under section 18 of the Constitution Act, 1867.


This is Her Majesty’s Law, a Royal Certified Act of Her Majesty’s Parliament of Great Britain. Declaring the titled, Parliament of The Dominion of Canada has no power or authority to make law. And are only authorized and empowered to enact Her Majesty’s law. And in compliance enacted Her Majesty’s Law titled Parliament of Canada 1875.


Her Majesty’s Royal Proclaimed Will and Pleasure, Treaties and enactments of Royal Certified Act(s) of the Parliament of Great Britain is Her Majesty’s Law, which is ageless, stands forever as written; can never be changed or abolished and the only Law in full force and effect for all the Commonwealth Countries.



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